BB Cream from Garnier in India

Garnier seems just revolutionize the market for women creams having launched its "BB Cream from Garnier" in addition to hydration achieved imperfections and we unify shining.

We must explain that this new Garnier cream launched just days ago, not really something you have created this company but have inspired creams "BB" which owe their name to "blemish balms" and are usually sold at Korea and to enhance the face balms without resorting to makeup.

What is the creams "BB"?
  • Creams "blemish balms" creams are a type that has among its components to allow the skin to look more unified in its implementation.
  • Although popular in Korea and throughout Asia in fact, this kind of creams actually born in Germany, to develop a cosmetic somehow out an alternative for those women attending clinics and finding the correct aesthetic imperfections with lasers.
  • That's why we developed a formula that would serve to moisturize, brighten and correct the face time with all its scars, pimples or blemishes.
  • While these creams are usually quite expensive, we must say that Garnier is causing a real revolution in which they have launched and sold at a very cheap price, ten euros.
Properties of the BB cream from Garnier?
  • Hydration: Hydration is essential for any cream either day or night, and the truth is that in this case, although many perhaps buy some of its effects "miracle" to avoid having to use a foundation, it is important that also know that going to be able to have the skin soft and hydrated.
  • Unification of the skin: The pimples and blemishes and spots on the face make our skin in this area is shiny and dark depending on the part where we look. With this cream from Garnier to have the tone is even and so we see better and more natural.
  • Also prevents redness and soothes irritations: This cream contains caffeine between components that allows any redness or irritation subsides with time and eventually disappears.
  • Glows in the face: Vitamin C will always keep your face glowing and bright, something that many women (especially the ripe ones) is becoming increasingly difficult to attain.
  • This cream also has two-tone for light skin and skin that is slightly darker.
I must say that this cream the same way as other creams "BB" works and that if for example you do not want to carry your makeup every day is a very good solution. Also feel shortly begin using your skin will become increasingly smooth.

The Garnier BB creams are sold and shipped worldwide at BRTCstore. They ship to India at the price of $6.95 1-3 units / $20 4+ units. Read BRTCstore's shipping and delivery policy.
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