Beauty tools

Beauty tools
When we think of tools comes to mind beauty makeup, brushes, hair dryer and so on. But there are other things that also help. Continue below.

Beauty tools

Shower Filters: - These are similar to normal water filters; they get to the shower and help reduce the buildup of minerals and chlorine in the water. All this results in smoother skin and hair shiny. Are especially important when the water here has many minerals.

Microfiber Towels: -To dry the hair faster. Microfiber towels to dry the hair are very useful because they absorb water well without squeezing the hair and shorten the drying time.

Umbrellas: - Protect you from the sun and therefore of facial blemishes, wrinkles, hair, split ends etc burned. If you have sun exposure and have the option of using umbrella use it.

Silk pillow covers: - Sleeping on a soft material that will not cause wrinkling and skin irritation helps prevent wrinkles. Especially if you sleep on your side or stomach.

Soap and water: -To wash your hands thoroughly. This helps to prevent outbreaks of pimples, skin irritation, blackheads and infection in the face.

Sunglasses: - Protect your eyes from cataracts and other health problems, and helps the delicate skin around it to avoid the formation of wrinkles.

Caps and hats: - As the umbrella helps protect you from the sun and can be very chic.

Towels: -The towels have many functions in beauty. A small towel in the bathroom is an exfoliant. One towel at a warm temperature on a mask can help penetrate better

Cheese cloth to make face masks: - These fabrics help some masks are kept in place. Instead of the cloth can be used gauze. Put on the mask to prevent movement when the ingredients of the above masks are not very stable natural as oats or crushed fruits.
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