Hair gloss

Hair gloss
Hair is something that many women concerned to a fault given that it is sometimes hard to make us shine as we wish. In 2gle now give you some tips so you can get it.

The brightness of hair is something that not all hair types are. Although when we are young it is easy for us to shine the hair over time and the effect of external agents and also because we grow and hormones also influence, we end up with hair that looks dull and damaged. First what type of hair we have.

Types of hair:
  1. Thinning Hair: Hair is perhaps that many women would like to have as it is very easy to care for and style. Besides being a hair that shines with ease and without the need for creams that are packed for it.
  2. Medium hair: The hair that most women have. It is easy to maintain but the truth is you need more treatments and above we use fabric softeners and conditioners.
  3. Thick hair is a type of hair that needs much more care and more if we are to shine as to be thicker more fat will be more complicated and we can get to shine.
We then see if we have to get our hair shine, sure many will pray to have a fine hair. Otherwise, do not worry because even if you require treatment for your hair, secure it with the products we can find on the market we can achieve the much desired "sheen of silk." But we also have some "home-made tricks" that can work too.

Treatments cases to make the hair shine:
  • One trick you can do with your conditioner and after wash with shampoo and wipe away the head so that no remnants. You must apply the conditioner from the middle of hair to the ends, not near the root or scalp. It is also best not to use conditioners that are attached to the hair and do not require rinsing since in fact the long run we will make the hair greasy.
  • A trick that works for years to the brightness of the hair is to mix half water and half white vinegar after washing well with the shampoo you use every day. Apply the mixture and let it act on at least a couple of minutes and rinse with water.
  • Beer also goes very well to get a shiny coat. Before we put on the hair leaving it open to air to lose all the bubbles. Then apply it on the head for 20 minutes, then wash again with soap and conditioner and rinse with water.
  • The mask of mayonnaise is also good. You must apply and leave on for 20 minutes so you can place you a bag over his head. Then you will have to wash the head as always do.
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