Rockstar: The making of Sadda Haq

In the first trailer he was told: Sadda Haq from the movie Rockstar. And from that moment it has become an anthem. The powerful voice of Mohit Chauhan in combination with rock is simply amazing. Together with Ra.One Rockstar is currently top of the charts.

The number Sadda Haq appears at a crucial point in the film, says leading actor Ranbir Kapoor. "In the film, there is a situation where the character is angry at society. He believes we are who we are because of the way to be born and that society has no right to tell us what is good and bad. This is the time that he begins to grow as an artist in his music and poetry. He expresses his anger in the song "Rakh Aithe Sadda Haq" which means "Give me my rights."

Take a? Behind the scenes of this song!

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