Samsung Galaxy S Plus with 1.4 GHz processor, Overview and Features

Samsung Galaxy S Plus
The new Samsung Galaxy S Plus is the superlative of the successful Samsung Galaxy S. Better batteries and extremely fast 1.4 GHz processor, making the S Plus is a great smartphone that you can not miss!


Super fast, super strong and beautiful to see. This is the Samsung Galaxy S Plus. A 1.4 GHz processor is one of the fastest processors on the market and is the heart of this latest powerhouse from Samsung. Android 2.3 runs faster and smoother than ever before and the 4 inch screen super AMOLED everything looks perfect. With Android you can also take advantage of many free and paid apps. WhatsApp, Angry Birds and easy navigation are free to use with the Samsung Galaxy S Plus. In addition, this unit features a powerful 1650 mAh so long you can work with the S Plus. Add to that the integration of social media like Twitter and Facebook and you immediately understand why the Galaxy S Plus a sales success. The large storage capacity of 8GB, easily expandable to 32 GB via MicroSD, provides more than enough room for your favorite music, movies and all the photos and videos you create with the brilliant 5 megapixel camera. The Samsung Galaxy S Plus, all speed and usability you'll ever need in a stylish jacket.

Samsung Galaxy S Plus

The best gets even better

The Samsung Galaxy S was not for nothing in 2010 voted best smartphone in the world. This Galaxy S Plus goes one step further by an even faster 1.4 GHz processor, enhanced battery and better Internet capabilities to combine. Moreover, the latest version of Android 2.3 Gingerbread, standard on S Plus to find. This makes Internet at lightning speed, using apps and using the latest Galaxy S Plus this easy for everyone as possible. There is also more energy efficient handled so you can enjoy more of the S Plus.

The mobile multimedia

Android and multimedia go hand in hand on the Galaxy S Plus. Twitter, Facebook and Hyves are optimally integrated so you can speed the best photos, best movies and funniest tweets sharing. Also viewing the pages of your friends is a piece of cake. With a push of a button you can transform all the information you need on the beautiful screen. This screen is also made by Gorilla Glass so you do not have to worry about scratches.

With the 5 megapixel camera is easy photography and filming. The camera provides perfect images and pictures and videos rarely looked so sharp. As mentioned, you can easily share all your media with friends.

Samsung Galaxy S Plus

An all-rounder

The Samsung Galaxy S Plus is one of the best smartphones of today. He combines excellent performance with robust hardware and ease of Android. The technique of this S Plus has already proven so you can always rely on this smartphone. High performance is guaranteed by the fast processor so many free apps like angry birds and WhatsApp smooth and fast. With a brilliant camera, great multimedia capabilities and perfect Twitter and Facebook applications, the S Plus the center of your online world.

Much power in such a style all it was unprecedented. The Galaxy S Plus is also fast becoming a new chapter to write in the sales success of Samsung. A superfast smartphone for a super low price.
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