Steve Jobs dead at 56 : 1955-2011

Steve Jobs
Shocking news came a day after Apple released the iPhone 4S. One of the founders of Apple Inc, Steve Jobs, has reportedly died.

The family of founder Steve Jobs mentioned that Apple Inc. it's last breathe in peace. Especially when the 'go', he was surrounded by his relatives.

Steve Jobs has died at age 56. He leaves a wife named Laurene and three children from her marriage. Jobs also known to have a daughter from previous partners.

So far Apple has not been told Jobs the cause of death, although in recent years he was known to fight against pancreatic cancer and get a liver transplant.

Jobs founded Apple Computer in 1976 and, along with childhood friend Steve Wozniak, selling what is considered the world's first personal computer, the Apple II.

The technology industry observers said Jobs as a master creator - which is sometimes equated with a Thomas Edison - that changed the way people use computers, enjoy music, and communicate.

"The world has lost a remarkable man," said Tim Cook Apple's CEO.
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