CCleaner the best cleaning software and repair tool on the web

Get the best performance from your computer with CCleaner, the best cleaning and repair tool on the web. This small program can be a variety of useless files deleted, such as temporary Internet files, cache and browsing, and the history of recently used documents. So you can save much needed space on your hard drive and keeps your equipment free of "impurities".

CCleaner also has a registry cleaner that all can find and remove invalid entries generated by the incomplete removal of programs or by the incorrect functioning of some programs. The state of the Windows Registry has a direct effect on the performance of your PC, so this tool is tremendously useful.

CCleaner also includes an application manager that lets you determine which programs at startup with Windows, and a special section to remove the software that you no longer use. You have all this and more in just a few clicks. For more detail and download CCleaner please visit at
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