Toshiba Portege Z830 Ultrabook

The new Portege Z830, slim and lightweight but sturdy ultrabook from Toshiba. It is a slimmed-down version of the business and Portege ultra mobile model, which has been known for its durability and easy portability. Toshiba Ultarbook distinguished character of its business from the competition - the matte screen, fingerprint reader, TPM module. Also provides a great convenience, backlit keyboard.

For frequent travelers and mobile users working members are ultrabook ideal. They provide the convenience of portability and flexibility of use. Toshiba is among the first to join ultrabook slim model with Portege popular series, which has for years been associated with a business notebook with exceptional mobility. Model Z830 is one of the lightest 13-inch notebooks on the market, weighing only 1079 g with battery. Super lightweight Toshiba, despite the very thin profile case is very solid. Your computer is made of durable material which is magnesium alloy. Additionally, it strengthened thanks to the construction of the so-called walled enclosure. Honeycomb.

Toshiba Portege Z830 ultrabook as befits "driven" by a processor ULV (Ultra Low Voltage). This unit was an Intel Core i5-2557M clocked at 1.7GHz nominal clock. Low Voltage CPU for low power consumption, which is undoubtedly an impact on battery life. In comparison with other ultrabook, in particular, the prototype of this "species" - Apple MacBook Air - Toshiba distinguishes a unique construction and equipment. Toshiba's designers, in particular, guided by the emphasis on business applications Portege Z830 model. Therefore, it features a matte screen resolution of 1366x768, a fingerprint reader and what is rarely seen in other ultrabook - full-sized HDMI outputs (although more common in business to Display Port) and at rare: D-Sub. Business character also highlights the high level of security that provides hardware solutions such as fingerprint reader and TPM encryption module built.

Noteworthy is also comfortable, insular keyboard with illuminated keys. And, as befits the racial ultrabook, Toshiba product is equipped with SSD. In the model had a capacity of 64 GB, but for sales will be equipped with a SSD of 128 GB. It is not quite as roomy as the most rich configurations of competition (MacBook Air - 256 GB), but so that the computer price is decent, about one-third less expensive product from Apple.

Among the differences in design compared to typical ultrabook conspicuous placement of the connectors. USB port and the output video and audio have been placed mainly on the back, and not on the sides of the enclosure. In this way it became possible to use the previously mentioned full-size HDMI and D-Sub and a LAN port. Toshiba Z830 has three (3) USB connectors, including a fast USB 3.0, while the typical ultrabook have only two (2) USB connectors.

Overall performance of the Toshiba ultrabook is satisfactory and fully sufficient for the typical tasks they perform versatile, and above all a business notebook. However, this is largely thanks to high-speed SSD. The performance rank near the Toshiba models equipped with a standard Intel mobile Core i3 second generation and first generation Core i5 (330M).

Energy-efficient components ensure not only lightweight and slim, but above all a long battery life. Built-in lithium-ion battery with a capacity of about 3200 mAh allowed for more than eight and a half hours of work and cost-effective than four hours playing a video from an external DVD drive. This is a satisfactory result for a notebook and one of the best among competing ultrabook who work an average of 6-7 hours battery.

In summary Toshiba Portege Z830 is ideal for frequent travelers who want to have their "office" is always at hand. In particular, deserves praise generous equipment and reasonable price suggested a test version. It is interesting and worth considering an alternative to the popular products, especially for users of the business sector.
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