Actress Meenakshi Thapa Murder for Money (Latest News)

Meenakshi Thapa
Meenakshi Thapa was a talent in Bollywood, the Indian version of Hollywood. The woman, however, was brutally murdered by two colleagues they during the filming of her latest film met. The men beheaded Thapa and threw her head from a moving bus.

Perpetrators Amit Jaiswal and Preeti Surin demanded a sum of money, after they had kidnapped 26-year-old Thapa. They wrongly believed that the actress from a wealthy family was from. Her mother would be paid an amount, but her daughter has never seen. According to the police in a hotel room Thapa was first strangled, and her body was cut into pieces. Afterwards they threw the remains of her body in a tank. Her head she later dumped from a moving bus on the way to Mumbai.

Both suspects confessed to the facts after their arrest. Their intention was a large sum of money to decorate and Thapa then to murder. This large sum, there was not, however, since no Thapa came from a wealthy family. They suspected that she was rich, as they are luxurious lifestyle without ever holding a large roll of film to get. Her mother had told that the perpetrators would be drugged Thapa to play a role in a porn movie. The police were the perpetrators, because the SIM card from her cell phone to carry with them yet.
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