Acer TravelMate P243 - Fast, Efficient Operation and Reliability

Acer TravelMate P243
Notebooks with the new Acer TravelMate P243 series draw the attention of a pleasant and practical look. They were designed for small and medium enterprises and small businesses and home offices, and therefore are characterized by high efficiency, allowing for efficient multitasking and high reliability. Acer has carefully fine-tuned all the configuration details. As a result, notebooks are ideal for both home offices, which during the journey.

The TravelMate P243 notebook series uses Intel Core third generation of Intel Turbo Boost Technology, to adapt its performance to the current needs of the user, thereby allowing for rapid reconciliation of work and efficiency. In addition, these processors are equipped with features to facilitate the creation and playback of multimedia.

The effectiveness of business operations increasingly requires the use of graphics and multimedia. For this reason, Acer TravelMate notebooks designed to include your crisp, realistic picture with rich colors and allow the playback of high definition movies with sound. Selected models from this series are equipped with the NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M, for high quality graphics and allows you to adjust the performance to your needs. And also supports Microsoft DirectX 11 and to obtain maximum productivity and efficient multitasking.

Designing laptops for professional users, Acer attaches great importance to the safety of equipment and data. For this reason, the TravelMate P243 notebook is equipped with robust security. The notebook is offered with the package Acer ProShield Security, with a unified interface, allowing the use of software tools to help ensure the safety and management.

Acer ProShield package includes a feature password control before you start your computer and protect your notebook at various levels, from BIOS to applications. In addition, you can create your personal safety (PSD) to ensure trouble-free store and encrypt important files so that data are not available to unauthorized persons, even when the notebook is lost or stolen. When using the File Shredder can permanently are deleted files or folders. In addition, the package is equipped with an automatic function for remote management of IT resources.

Another level of security is provided by Acer Backup / eRecovery Manager, used to backup data and multimedia libraries. Acer eRecovery Manager also allows you to restore data when needed. Wake-on-LAN allows for remote turn the computer communication network and allows remote management.

Moreover, the TravelMate P243 notebook is offered with an easy to use software package Acer Office Manager, which allows small and medium enterprises to implement security policies, monitor IT resources and perform scheduled maintenance tasks.

To ensure the highest levels of reliability, all Acer notebooks for professional users are subjected to various tests and meet the strictest standards used in the IT industry. In addition, they were awarded Energy Star 5.0 and EPEAT Gold, confirming the energy savings and improved battery life.

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