Microsoft Surface Tablet with Windows + Wi-FI

Microsoft Surface Tablet is one of the hot topics of the week. With the launch of Windows 8, Microsoft wants a slice of the tablet market and announced a first iteration of a device that will run the new operating system. Information initially available is two versions, differentiated by processor and run Windows version, but both mentioned only WiFi 802.11n. It seems that this will be the only way to connect to the internet tablet.

I lack one critical voices 3G mode, but I think this is a real problem. It is true that the iPad was the first version with 3G support, but not all important tablets Android boast the same. Must keep in mind that many owners already have a smartphone tablet in his pocket and chances are that your phone can give forth through a 3G connection Hotspot. Another solution is the mobile hotspot with 3G, which it from the mains or from a USB port.

On the other hand, critics mentioned above also have little right. If you think of Windows Phone, Microsoft has a habit introductory artificial limitation of mobile operating systems. Windows 7 to get along with a 3G module and Windows Phone 7 is able to send and receive data using this connection. Why did not this would work in Windows 8 and Windows 8 RT? Perhaps Microsoft will explain later.

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