Opera 12 major improvements - Download

Opera 12 has been released and brings many improvements designed to make you use this browser (that's if you do not already).

Opera 12 falls less in contrast with competing browsers Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox is updated at intervals of relatively small and often without anything important. Not the case browser Opera 12 which comes with substantial improvements. Here are they...

What's new in Opera 12

Opera 12 is free and can be a major change for this browser. The new version brings higher performance, a much richer user experience and other new technologies to keep it afloat:

Starting time of the browser is much smaller. This can be seen well when the browser to open multiple tabs left open in previous session.

Plugins separate program processes. Due to this change, each plugin will act separately from the browser process to avoid any errors and compromising stability browser.

GL hardware acceleration and Web. Introducing support for hardware acceleration and Web GL would have to make its presence felt through a full performance plus, that display various graphics. Opera 12 is much faster now.

Opera: cpu. We have a record of browser processes with the new Task Manager (Task Manager). You can easily access by typing in the address bar: opera: cpu.

Page load speed has been improved. It also has improved performance on secure connections.

Improved support for HTML 5. Opera 12 and much better the new web standard, HTML 5.

Improved support for extensions.

64 bit version for Windows and Mac. Those who have an operating system configuration will feel the full 64 bit some improvements especially a 64-bit version of Opera 12.

Do Not Track. Does Not Track function spoken of both reach and preventing Opera 12 sites to collect information about users?

Interface and support for homework finished. Opera 12 brings light and changes in the interface. Also, Opera 12 supports installing custom themes.

As you and I see, the changes are many and most of them very important. Opera has undergone a major change with Opera 12 and became a more solid competitor for Chrome, Firefox and IE. This browser is on track. Thinking of upgrading to Opera?

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