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Canon EOS M
Canon announced their first hybrid model: Canon EOS M.

The new model uses an APS-C sensor of 22.3 x 14.9 mm, 18.9 megapixels (5184 x 3456 pixels) CMOS, DIGIC coordinated by a 5, which allows a sensitivity range is between 100 and ISO 12800.

Autofocus is possible both by phase contrast detection and contrast detection by the sensor, the analysis of 31 points AF or human face recognition framework, continuously or by pressing the shutter. Autofocus uses both systems if the subject is close to the center of the image: phase contrast detection determine the meaning and scope of plan change focus and contrast detection sensor made fine adjustments before release. Focus can be adjusted manually.

Auto exposure is determined TTL evaluative, center weighted or spot. Exposure can be compensated in the range + / - 3 IE, IE 0.5 steps Canon EOS M allows braketing exposure in the range + / - 2 IE in steps of 0.3 or 0.5 i.e.

The new model can work in P, A, S, M, iAuto, Creative Auto, preset scenes, creative filters or HDR. The user has three memory cells for storing custom settings (contrast, saturation, filters, etc.).

Chamber has not flashed, but only a shoe for E-TTL II flashes.

Camera has no viewfinder, targeting and framing is done on the LCD screen, multi, 3 inch, 1.04 million points, fixed.

As with all other hybrid models, Canon has had to introduce a new mount: Canon EOS M. announced two goals for this mount and EOS adapter M - EOS EF / EF-S that enables the full range of EF / EF -S and automate the entire range of operation (Auto Focus, Auto Exposure, optical image stabilization).

Canon EOS M can record video, high-resolution full HD (MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 in MOV container) or less, with stereo sound, adjustable manually. Movie can be used either EF / M, but only the type STM focus ensure quiet enough to not appear in the soundtrack. Video recording can be achieved with manual exposure control, movie mode Servo AF or manual focus.

Power is provided by a new model of Li-ion battery: LP-E12, which allows a range of about 230 burst or 90 min video.

Canon EOS M will be available in October, in various combinations with targets at prices starting with $ 800.

Canon EOS M Pictures/Gallery
Canon EOS M BackCanon EOS M Left ViewCanon EOS M Flash ViewCanon EOS M Flash
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Canon EOS M Accessories
Canon EOS M Left View
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