Everyday reasoning leading to hair loss

Those treatments which involve the use of hot air hair dryers such as the "brushings," or those requiring permanent excessive heat, leading to the weakening of the hair follicles and thus to his downfall. This should be avoided or if it does try to use the dryer as little as possible.

Others who may be mentioned are the dyes. The products of the dyes, hair bleaching and permanents are compounds that are actually harmful to the health of hair.

The shampoo is also compounds that damage the hair gradually. It is for this reason should be used regularly, contributing to the weakening and loss of hair. Conditioners should be used only in the long and the ends of hair.

Another factor leading to hair loss is the way the hair collected mainly by women, when they use the normal queue or ponytail, the hair is forcibly tied to it firmly and this produces the break the hair.

The use of combs with teeth closes together and pointed damaged scalp hairs and plucks those that have been entangled. We recommend the use of combs with teeth slightly apart and brush with soft bristles.

Another thing that made the hair is usually dry quickly abruptly. Usually dry your hair straight without drying the hair with a towel first, and this is not recommended because when the hair is too wet is when this weaker and damaged hair so quickly.


One cause temporary hair loss in women occurs at the stage of pregnancy. The fall at this stage and after birth is natural and common in all women.

Treatment with chemotherapy may cause hair loss, but recovered after treatment immediately. Daily stress and go through extreme situations lead to hair loss for several months, by altering the nervous system.

Another reason is that they have gone through an illness, hair loss is inevitable but then recovered completely.


If our body lacks iron or have iron deficiency anemia leads to hair loss in both men and women, but mostly affects women in menstrual periods lasting or high loss. This can be remedied with a good diet rich in iron.

Thyroid disease causes hair loss is diagnosed through laboratory analysis. It is natural hair loss in these situations.

All born hair grow, reaching a time when growth stops to rest, after the break the hair returns to its growth until it eventually dies and falls driven by a new hair that grows back. This is called the hair cycle, but not all is harmonious. Recall that this occurs when the hair is healthy.

The amount of hair that an adult has round approximately 100,000 and can say that each hair goes through cycles of growth.

Logically, the duration of growth is higher than the rest or fall and this is what will determine which the long hair at last will is. The number of hairs on their stage of growth is much higher than in those who have served their stage. Naturally lose between 50 and 100 hairs per day.

The periods in which hair is lost can vary between 2 and 4 months, and then the old hair is pushed by the new hair. The hair growth phase lasts between 2 and 6 years. Hair length will be determined by genetic reasons.

Another period of the life of the woman that usually has hair loss is in menopause, but with the passage of time the situation returns to normal. To stop hair loss is essential to outpatient care but are also important domestic care, and this requires the contribution of vitamins, minerals, iron, zinc, calcium and all nutrients that are essential to keep hair healthy and strong .

Professionals recommend eating certain foods for the supply of these nutrients, such as eggs, milk, cheese, fish, vegetables and meats. Also very important are the consumption of nuts and olive oil. Soybean oil and sunflower oil is also very important.
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