Sunil Shetty does not want producer anymore

Sunil Shetty
Sunil Shetty will cease. He swore that he never wants to produce a movie. The actor says that the work is done behind the scenes and wants to refocus his acting career and other issues, like his restaurant chain. His latest production is entitled Loot and is scheduled for release early November. The comedy appears finally on the big screen after a delay of more than two years.

"I'm done playing a producer. I want to now concentrate on my acting career and my restaurants. The only reason that I could probably be tempted to start producing again as my son Ahan his debut, but it is still far in the future. Loot for now my last production, "he says.

Sunil earlier productions such as Mission Istanbul and EMI had flopped. It meant that he was at sea with several producers and provided the necessary delay of Loot. But now he wants it all behind. "I was convinced that would be released Loot. But because many productionally went wrong with the partners has led to a delay of two years. But my patience has paid off. "

Loot is directed by debutant Raj Rajnish Thakur and is a comedy, starring Suniel Shetty, Govinda, Shweta Bharadwaj and Mahakshay Chakraborthy.
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