iPhone 4 vs iPhone 4S, is it worth to buy later?

iPhone 4 vs iPhone 4s Comparison
Started selling the iPhone 4S on 14/10/2011. Traditionally, kilometer-long queues lined up Apple fans, and many of them waited several hours for the desired equipment. Previously the manufacturer had to block the book, which reached a limit, because in just 24 hours, booked one million units. But many are asking whether it is worth, especially if you have the iPhone 4 or they can buy it much cheaper. See iPhone comparison iPhone 4 and 4S.

Presentation of the new Apple smartphone many disappointed because they expected a miracle, and saw the same thing. But it is only the external aspect. Skeptics respond that, after upgrading to iPhone 4 iOS 5 the difference is insignificant. Are two cores instead of one and the camera 8 MP instead of 5 MP are worth up to such a sunset? Let's look more closely at the differences between iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S
iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S
Project: Draw

The biggest disappointment was the draft. Personal I think that is very good and there is no need to force it to change, the profile could be even a little thinner, and slightly larger screen, but without exaggeration. This is what is important, changed the design of the antenna, which in the case sparked Antenna Gate iPhone 4. These time a double, and cover your hand not in danger of breaking the connection. iPhone 5 is slightly heavier, but it's just absolutely unnoticeable 3 grams. The only characteristic difference, allowing us to quickly figure out which of the models we have, is a line that 4S was the volume control buttons.
iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S Side
Better processor, memory, the same

A5 Dual Core Processor 800 MHz is the basic difference. His mount allowed for significant advancement iPhone 4S; giving him such better performance, full HD and Siri. Another issue is RAM memory, on which it was confirmed that invariably is 512 MB. It has been speculated that this is a big obstacle for the power of the new iPhone 4S, but the performance tests have shown that not. An important change for the memory and functionality of icloud is to provide services, but it is available for both models.
ISO 52
iOS 5: draw

Almost, performance tests showed that the updated iPhone 4 invests much better in comparison with other models, but still a few places for the iPhone 4S, logical. They have available the same friendly features, capabilities, interfaces, applications, however, obviously has a better 4S predisposition to use the new system with Dual-Core processor, eventually iOS 5 has been prepared especially for him.

Siri: A brilliant innovation available only on iPhone 4S

At the presentation of the iPhone 4S demonstrated that its ability to go beyond what one would expect. The main new feature is a real revolution and Siri, much more than voice control system, and more a kind of "intelligent robot" straight from the sci-fi movies. With the iPhone you can really talk 4S! Not only do you respond to messages received, perform the said task, inform about the weather, traffic, restaurants in the area, etc.., But intelligently respond even to absurd questions (tomorrow we will show you the test, where for example the question "Who is your father? "correspond to" you ", the" Where in this city can I buy drugs' refers you to the nearest drug treatment center, etc...)
Siri 2
Camera, 1-0 for the iPhone 4S
For lovers of photography, is a very important difference. Not only because the iPhone 4S camera increases the resolution to 8 MP (BSI CMOS sensor, which provides pictures of 3264 x 2448 pixels), but also because of the new lens f 2.4, which consists not of four as is usually the case with mobile but the five elements, giving a sharper picture of 30proc. iPhone 4S is face recognition, better auto white balance and allows you to record video in Full HD 1080p (iPhone 4 records 720p HD). The camera has also gained speed. The interval between successive images has been reduced to about 0.5 s, and starts the camera is now 1.1 seconds. In addition, the front cam also has improved and although both models have are VGA, iPhone 4S accelerated to 30 frames per second, which gives a smoother image.
iPhone 4S
Bluetooth 4.0: a great difference, or too big?

The problem is that Bluetooth 4.0 is so advanced that most of the devices is not compatible with it. It has significant lower energy consumption, the range of guaranteed connections reaches 100 meters, has a smaller delay in the synchronization and the new 128-bit encryption. All of these advantages, however, disappear when we realize that version 4.0 is not compatible with Bluetooth 3.0 and below, so in this case the synchronization is done using an additional chip. An important innovation in the field of communications is faster HSDPA connection, specifically reaching 14.2 Mbps speeds in the downlink and 7.2 Mbps to flash, which gives a figure twice as high than its predecessor. Furthermore, the iPhone 4S is a hybrid system, which can operate both CDMA and GSM, which is important in the U.S.
iPhone 4S
Battery: the same

Although more powerful processor and a higher efficiency, autonomy is more or less the same. Apparently this is the reason for setting the A5 dual core processor at 800 MHz frequency only. 1420 mAh battery in the iPhone 4S allows for 8 hours of voice calls, winning by one hour with the iPhone 4 this time, however, loses the wireless data transmission, allowing for 9 hours. Surf the internet, compared to ten, which gives the iPhone 4 other parameters - audio, video, 3G, etc...
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