Aamir Khan fear competition

Aamir Khan
Bad news about Salman Khan fans. The movie Ek Tha Tiger Salman was scheduled for release on June 1. This made the production company Yash Raj Films announced in July 2011. But now Aamir Khan Film releasing on June 1, 2012 and Salman has asked for the release of the film to him.

Aamir wanted to release his film earlier in January. Unfortunately that Hrithik Roshan's Agneepath was planned on the same day. He asked Hrithik and Karan Johar to postpone the release for him. This was not possible because according to them the promotion had already begun and the release date has been set. The production company proposed to his film a week later to give.

The film appears on the same day as Tezz Agneepath. "We do not care that our film appears simultaneously Agneepath or Aamir's film. It is ultimately the film and the story. We are not afraid of some competition, "says producer Ratan Jain.

Aamir was hastily looking for another date to his film to make and came out with Salman Khan. He asked Salman for his film to do, so he can cast film in the summer.

Producer Aditya Chopra has finally decided to shift the release of Aamir. Ek Tha Tiger no longer appears in the summer, but Eid 2012 in the cinemas and can therefore enjoy the extra days in connection with the Sugar Feast. Not very bad, right?

You might wonder why the release date of Aamir wants to take major releases. ... Has he lost faith in himself or his fans? Why is he so afraid of a little competition? Well, hopefully the uncertainty disappears quickly and he can be just decide to bring his film whenever he wants it and not make the same days the movies are planned.

Ek Tha Tiger

Ek Tha Tiger Kabir Khan directed by and produced by Aditya Chopra. The story was written by Aditya Chopra and the screenplay and dialogues are written by Kabir Khan and Neelesh Misra. The music is composed by Suhail Sen.
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