Nokia N8 feature 2 megapixels camera and Carl Zeiss

Nokia N8
Nokia N8 is a fully entertainment useful and most popular smartphone in the world. It has a large sensor 12 megapixels and Carl Zeiss optics to take great photos. Xenon flash and image capture in low light.

Nokia N8 includes an HDMI connection, through which you can easily present photos, videos and music with a compatible TV or projector. The phone also includes a high-quality audio technology, Dolby Digital Plus, compatible with home theater sets, thanks to which your videos will not only look great but also sound.

You can give the phone a personal touch, adding the widgets. You can choose up to three screens - one you can use to work, to play the second and the third you can put your favorite photo as wallpaper. Screens can easily be switched by dragging a finger. For more widgets you can download the Ovi Store.

With the Nokia N8, you can make an impression, have fun and show creativity. The Ovi Store you will find thousands of different applications, so you can continually improve your phone. You can download applications, games and video. Opportunity to improve your phone and having fun with it are unlimited time.

Nokia N8 with Internet TV on demand. Coming by bus, you can comfortably watch your favorite TV channels such as CNN or National Geographic, directly on the phone screen. The Ovi Store you will find even more web-TV channel.

The voice navigation, you can use in over 70 countries worldwide. In addition, completely for free. Simply enter a destination, and Ovi Maps with voice guidance will tell how to get there, turn by turn.
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