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Nokia OVI
Modern mobile phones are actually mini-computers. You can call, SMS, take photos, listen to music, connect to the Internet, and - as befits a real computer - install additional programs or download multimedia. If you have a Nokia, you should consult the catalog of resources OVI.

How to use it? The creators have developed everything in order to make life easier for the user up and using the program, including serving to buy other programs and enrich the resources of our cells to make media a simple, pleasant and easy.

The first step

At the beginning of a person with Nokia - because for these people is dedicated to store - must download the appropriate software, or run an application installed on your phone, you will find on your Nokia, entering successively in: Menu>> Applications>> Shop (blue icon with shopping bags inscription OVI). Then you need to login. This can be done by holding in his hands the cell, possibly with a full keyboard to the computer (and later, at any time, you can log in any way from anywhere). Enter your login name, invent a password, fill in the fields e-mail address and telephone number I... You can check whether the store OVI offers something interesting for us.

For each mobile thing...

What can it are found? The four main sections: "recommended", "application", "game", "audio and video" and "personalization". All sections are arranged in three categories: "free", "paid" or "new." Claims for downloaded programs can be adjusted by credit card or premium SMS.

By providing your phone model, will automatically store the content presented only for a given cell. You can search for a specific program, you can also browse through all categories, and sort content by popularity or date added. Before you decide to download an item, you may read the detailed description and reviews from other users. He is also a position of "my story collection." The shop you can find the programs developed by developers from 65 countries. There are mobile games publishers such as Electronic Arts, Game loft, THQ, Digital Chocolate, Eyesight, multimedia, widgets, podcasts, applications associated with social networking (Facebook, Twitter, and Hi5), business applications, providing information, technological, sports or weather report, business software, mobile security applications to help manage your time and contacts, and many others.

The numbers in hand

The most popular device for applications that are downloaded from the Ovi Store: Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, Nokia N97, Nokia E51, Nokia N95, Nokia E63 and Nokia E71. The store is compatible with over 40 models of Nokia phones, has 140 million active users in over 190 countries. There has been a 2.3 million downloads a day, every day your account is assumed more than 200 thousand. HeroCraft company - publisher of materials such as Farm Frenzy - reached over 10 million downloads, and Offscreen - application developer dedicated devices with a touchscreen - more than 45 million.

Car and pedestrian navigation is available in 78 countries and 46 languages, and set each day with OVI Maps, routes could circle the Earth until a total of 80 times. Music OVI service is available in 38 markets around the world and offers a total of about 11 million songs. It is the most popular online music store in Finland, Brazil, Mexico, India and South Africa.
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