Salman Khan not in "Big Boss 5"

Salman Khan
There are disturbing reports within about Salman Khan. Apparently it's not so good with the health of the actor. It is not officially said what's wrong with Khan, but we know he is pending in the U.S... And however much the actor also insists that nothing is wrong and he just want to work, there must be some projects unfortunately suffer.

Thus, the production of his film 'Kick' with Sonaksi Sinha postponed to April 2012, when they actually wanted to start filming in November this year. And another project that will have to suffer the poor health of Khan is the popular TV show 'Big Boss 5' Salman Khan along with Sanjay Dutt was a special section called us "Aapke Farman" but he has to cancel.

But his health is not the only reason for the cancellation of "Aapke Farman" The actor is also very busy with the new production of Yash Raj Films 'Ek Tha Tiger'

Salman Khan, so we will have a lot to see.
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