A picture of Nicholas Tonitza was sold for $ 290,000 Euro record

The painting "The bedroom" by Nicholas Tonitza, became Wednesday night at the Winter auction house Artmark the most expensive work sold so far on the art market in Romania, after having attracted a price of almost 300,000 euros.

The painting, considered by experts as the most valuable ever done nude painter, had a starting price of 120,000 euros and the estimated selling price before the auction up to 250,000 euros.

The previous record was set by a painting by Nicolae Grigorescu, which was sold in May this year for the amount of 270,000 euros. The painting "Girl with red beads", name given to the new owner, as the painter has chosen not to name the work is now exhibited in the museum in Sibiu Brukenthal.

Auction on Wednesday evening had total revenue of EUR 1,605,350, was awarded 99% of the 142 lots offered for sale. Among the works sold at high prices Wednesday evening were also included "What the BOI to orations" by Nicolae Grigorescu - 165,000 euros and "little peasant girl with flock of sheep, Muscelului Valley" by Nicolae Grigorescu - 90,000 euros.
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