Motorola Atrix Smartphone Pocket PC

Motorola Atrix smartphone is different from others. This is because it is a phone that has the power of a PC in it. That's why Atrix and is also called the Pocket PC.

Motorola Atrix is a web application called WebTop with the phone can be connected instantly to any monitor or TV nearby. Webtop software has a friendly interface from which you can do many things to review images taken with the phone, to call others and show them certain images or presentations, browse and more. Webtop software uses a full Mozilla Firefox web browser and provides power to work in web applications like Google Docs or Gmail Citrix.

Looking at the specifications of Atrix understand why they call Pocket PC. It has a Dual Core processor 1 GHz Cortez A9, Nvidia Tegra chipset 2 AP20H, ULP GeForce graphics interface and runs on OS Android Froyo (2.2) can be upgraded to 2.3. Dual-core processor offers a fantastic speed phone, which I like a PC. Multi-tasking can run smoothly.

Atrix is included fingerprint recognition technology, offering increased security phone. Nobody can access your phone than yourself. The Artrix say goodbye to passwords PIN.

The Motorola Atrix phone has the ability to work with 48 GB of memory, of which 16 are internal GB and 32 GB can be added with a micro SD card.

The screen is a TFT touchscreen and capacitive with a resolution of 540 x 960 pixels and size of 4 inches (the density of 275 pixels per inch). And has enables multitouch screen protector Corning Gorilla Glass type. Motorola Atrix plays movies in 16 M colors with HD.

ATRIX owns a camera in front of 5 MP with which we can make video calls with loved ones. Qik player is a video chat that uses the front camera for video calls to achieve this. So you can communicate through gestures and mimicry.

I would I take such a phone.

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