Honey massage therapy to modern times ancient

Four thousand years have passed since the first historical attestations and massage with honey still can not be classified in one category. It is the perfect blend between beauty and a treatment to improve health. Massage sessions and detoxify skin tones, soothes rheumatism and stimulate the immune system. Fortunately, the technique is not lost and is available in one of the largest spas in Bucharest.

Jar with golden reflections on the kitchen table hides one of the sweetest and effective natural medicines. Honey is known for its curative effects, and in combination with the skill of a professional masseur becomes the main ingredient of a relaxing therapies used by Tibetan doctors from time immemorial.

A 75-minute session massage with honey in the care of a professional in the Health & Spa Orchid brings a number of compelling benefits. Honey is a natural detoxifier and powerful, even if applied only on the back and shoulders, acting on the whole body. Massage is very pleasant, not painful despite the strong movements of the masseur, and has the effect of deep cleaning the skin, leaving it shiny and smooth. Infusion of active ingredients helps purify skin and remove cellulite after just a few sessions, acting as a natural scrub. Its action is visible as a treatment or a natural acne relaxing to rejuvenate skin and premature aging.

As the smell of honey occupies the room air, massage turns into a true aromatherapy session. After only fifteen minutes, the treatment induces a state of absolute relaxation and therapeutic action of honey begins. While masseur fingers sliding back, the blood flows ever more efficiently. The amount of nutrients and oxygen carried by the column increases, and with them the feeling of comfort is becoming increasingly evident.

Massage effect is felt in the joints and muscles. Weather-sensing people, those with rheumatic or degenerative problems found in the Orchid Health Spa where their problems receive treatment at the same time pleasant and efficient. Massage strengthens the immune system and is effective in preventing specific diseases banal cold or cold season. In children, stimulate growth and, under the action of masseurs, contribute to the improvement of data problems postures of the back and remove any pain.

Orchid Health & Spa is the ideal place to experience the healing properties of honey. But not all. Therapy with honey may be framed within the extensive programs and massage therapy, chosen according to the needs of each client.
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