Molami Twine HiFi headphones for female

In general, for most headphone audio, design is a secondary element, compared with fidelity sound playback. Most models boast an excellent reproduction of music is not noticed first by exterior design. Molami asest break stereotype with a new set of headphones that promise to provide a more accurate reproduction of sound with innovative aesthetics, based on the female form and elegance of classic material.

Made from a blend of silk, chiffon and satin, textile band that defines hosts as headphones Twine offers a unique form and practically invisible to an otherwise difficult accessory to match. The two speakers integrated into the band can be adjusted vertically for optimum position and connect the signal source is a standard 3.5 mm jack. Wire coated with anti-tear fabric includes a remote control and a microphone, particularly useful when used with a compatible mobile phone.

The Molami Twine is available in three variants, which differ in material color (white or black) and used metal connectors (gold or silver). Price for a pair of headphones is 300 euros and can be order directly from the
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