Sony VAIO E-Series Laptop with Smart & Stylish Design

Sony presents the new E Series laptop with smart & stylish design. VAIO E Series offers one of the smallest chassis in its class, with elegant lines and a trendy textured pattern on the lid. It also provides a convenient handle when carrying it.

VAIO E Series come with many sizes and colors and matching accessories. That complements the look of your computer. VAIO E-Series notebook is ideal for everyday work, which provides a distinctive style.

This Series has quick access buttons (ASSIST / WEB / VAIO) to use these notebooks is a real pleasure. Press WEB button to turn the power and in a few seconds to surf the Internet without having to fully boot.

Press the VAIO button to open the Media Gallery, which allows creating movies, viewing photos and listening to music in a completely new way. Multimedia content are tailored to user preferences.

Need help with your VAIO notebook? ASSIST button allows you to launch VAIO Care, software that allows you to maintain high performance and solve problems in a few easy steps.

Also available are easy to use features such as a keyboard with a freely distributed multi-touch keys and trackpad, allowing easy to browse multimedia files and manage.

Watch movies and home video for a truly panoramic screen with high contrast and vibrant colors. View great number of details in your photos; edit them with ease and burn to CD using Picture Motion Browser software.

Selected models are equipped with Blu-ray Disc, so that view your favorite movies in High Definition realistic. It can also play all your DVDs and CDs.

Easily perform daily office tasks and use of social networks through Intel Core i5 second generation. Processors are designed for efficient handling of multimedia and faster multi-tasking operations. This allows you to comfortably enjoy digital media content on the go.

In the case of VAIO E-Series notebook does not have to worry about running out of disk space. Hard disk 640 GB or 750 GB provides complete freedom to store movies, photos, music and other multimedia files.
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