Focal XS Book Audio launches office system

Best known for his series of high-performance speakers, the French manufacturer Focal sound systems has launched a new set of computer speakers. Called XS Book, new speakers promise to deliver equally elegant design and excellent performance.

With a shaped book is evident from the name, in fact, the new sound system has a total power of 40W and promises to faithfully reproduce the sounds with frequencies between 50 hertz and 22 kilohertz. In addition to using the sound system for a PC or Mac Book XS can also be connected to a dock for iPod or other music player, which turns it into a stereo system independent of average power.

Each of the two speakers using one speaker for bass and middle frequencies with a diameter of 10 cm, constructed from a material called Polyglass basically a cellulose membrane that have been made micro-spheres of silica and aluminum tweeter with a diameter of 1.9 cm. More details
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