HTC Desire V Price in India, Dual SIM Android 4.0 ICS, Soon in India

HTC Desire V
For some time known that HTC plans to sell the smartphone that supports two SIM cards. But this is not high-end phone, but the device at a reasonable price, for people who want to use two SIM cards. That's the HTC Desire V is about to hit stores in India. What will be its price?

HTC, like the vast majority of manufacturers of smartphones with Android, but not limited to the creation of devices with a specific price range. It is also important to adjust our offer to the needs of customers who increasingly expect such dual SIM card - this type of phone was missing.

Specification of HTC Desire V

The latest HTC model is equipped with a screen size of four (4) inches and a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels, which indicates that it is a mid-priced phone. Qualcomm processor has only one core and is clocked at 1 GHz. The user data provides four (4) GB of free space, with the possibility to extend it to thirty two (32) GB with microSD card.

The camera in this device has a five (5) megapixel sensor - also envisages the use of the LED. HTC Desire V is also another device that supports the operation Beats Audio technology. With the agreement of HTC Dropbox, you get twenty five (25) GB free disk space for two years. Equally good news is that Desire V uses the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, and Sense 4.0.

Dual SIM needed

The introduction of Dual SIM support was highly anticipated by users. It is also one of the first Android smartphone in India, which supports this feature. For those who do not have too high expectations the equipment can be a very interesting proposition. Unfortunately, only one SIM card will support data transmission speed of HSPA.

Price in India

Cost HTC Desire V, although located in the middle shelf, definitely not the lowest. With this device you need to pay about 470 dollars (Price in India - 26125/-). Perhaps you decide to purchase only those who depend primarily on the use of two SIM cards.
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