Nokia Asha Touch 305, 306 & 311 Interesting Phones in Low Prices

Nokia Asha 305, 306 & 311
Nokia introduced a new family of mobile devices Asha Touch, which features full touch are available at very attractive prices. Three new models are the Nokia Asha 305, Nokia Asha 306 and Nokia Asha 311.

The newest phones were created in such a way as to provide them with equivalent functionality of smartphones, while avoiding excessive costs related to the purchase of telephone and data transmission costs. Nokia Asha 305, Asha 306 and Asha 311 feature a new, completely revised user interface touchscreen.

Nokia Asha 311

Nokia Asha 311 is operating in 3.5G networks with capacitive touchscreen and 1 GHz processor. The Nokia Asha 305 is a phone with dual SIM card function and Easy swap, allowing for easy replacement of the SIM card without having to restart the phone. Its sister model, the Nokia Asha 306 can only use one SIM card, and is by far the most affordable Nokia mobile phone having Wi-Fi.

The new devices use Nokia Browser 2.0 browser, which decreases with services consumption data transmission up to 90% allowing cheaper access to the Internet. Interestingly, web pages load up to three times faster than devices that do not have the above mentioned technologies. Phones also allow access to social networking, as well as easy to save on memory cards downloaded from the Internet materials (photos, videos, music). Phone functionality can be extended by dedicated applications with Nokia store, which are based on Java.

All users will receive the free, downloadable 40 EA's games, and keep them forever. These are action games, arcade and sports, among them titles such as Tetris, Bejeweled, Need for Speed: The Run and FIFA 2012. In addition, the Nokia Asha 311 installed is 15 levels of play Angry Birds.

Nokia Asha 305, 306 & 311 Gallery

Nokia Asha 305Nokia Asha 306Nokia Asha 311

Detailed information about products

Nokia Asha 311 has a bright color screen protected capacitive scratch-resistant glass with polarizing filters. The accessories include a camera with a resolution of 3.2 MP and Nokia Maps installed as standard, as well as client applications for social networks (Facebook, Twitter). You also have available the most popular instant messengers.

Nokia Asha 305 is a phone with dual SIM card function and Easy Swap. The phone features a bright color resistive touch screen WQVGA 3-inch, and Bluetooth connectivity. The user is also available to the camera with a resolution of 2 MP and Nokia Maps.

Nokia Asha 306 is a sister Nokia phone model Asha 305 In addition to all the attractions offered by his sister, like a bright color resistive touch screen WQVGA 3-inch Nokia Asha 306also provides a handy-Fi connectivity. The device also enables streaming video in GPRS and WLAN networks.
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