Neil Nitin Mukesh confirmed relationship with Sonal Chauhan

There were already rumors that Neil Nitin Mukesh would have a relationship with his co-actress Sonal Chauhan, with whom he will soon be seen in the movie 3G. After many denials and "no comments" will finally allow the actor to be in love and have a relationship with Sonal.

"I'm in love with Sonal. She is everything I want in a woman. She makes sure I feel good about myself unlike the last relationship I had where I was treated like dirt, "said Neil.

The last remark comes as a surprise since the actor has never confirmed his previous relationship. "I wish it would rather not talk about it anymore. I'm glad I stronger and wiser from that relationship have come. I was very depressed for a long time and wondered whether I believed in love. But the beauty of love is that it really hurt, but it can also heal. "

And now the actor has spoken openly about his relationship is of course the next question is whether and when a marriage will have place. "We have fun together, but I'm sure I would want to marry her," said a happy Neil Nitin Mukesh.
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