Sonal Chauhan denies relationship with Neil Nitin Mukesh

Yesterday we revealed that Neil Nitin Mukesh finally love, in the form of Sonal Chauhan, had admitted in his life, but now that Sonal here not aware of. It therefore denies that she has a relationship with the actor.

After Neil the news to the world was made ​​in an interview Sonal course, immediately inundated with phone calls and text messages from various news channels. This resulted in an angry reaction to famous Indian newspapers. "If I have a relationship with someone, then I will not secretive about it and I certainly do not hide from my parents." In the interview she also denies that they are the parents of Neil would have met.

Although they are very keen on Neil, she asks why he is so talked about them. "I do not know what the future has in store for me. I love Neil and do not understand why he has spoken about us. We are good friends. "

Sonal adds that she is not ready for marriage. "I must be crazy at this point in my career to think about getting married. I know him only four months and that is too short to make a decision on that. "

Neil also denied yesterday afternoon on the Twitter relationship. "For anyone who has questions about the recent news, I love Sonal Chauhan. We are very good friends, but have no relationship. It takes plenty of time to think and I respect that. I want nothing further to say. "

According to friends of the actress, this is a desperate attempt by Neil to generate publicity for his upcoming film.
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