Sony HX850 - is "the best Bravia 'best LED TV?

Long time, Sony was one of the brands that have defined the idea of quality and market leading electronics equipment. In recent years, the company has entered into obscurity, but the new X850e promises to be not only "the best Bravia TV" but also one of the best choices on the market. True? Are in review.


From aesthetically, Bravia HX850 adopt a minimalist design, the decorative elements are missing and functionality take precedence. The screen is covered by a glass panel ultra-tough Gorilla Glass screen similar to that used for mobile phones, and the frame is invisible while the screen is off. Sony and Bravia logos are the only details that stand out in front of the TV, and the few lights showing operating parameters are camouflaged under glass on the left side of the TV. Device thickness is very large and contrasting aluminum stand has a double role: beyond support, he works as the TV speaker. A design element (and functionality, in fact) from Bravia HX850 is disappointing remote control fails to meet all your TV needs.

Functions, features and image quality

Sony HX850 was presented to us by Sony Romania as "the best so far Bravia" a very important statement: "In terms of image quality." LED backlit LCD TV panel allows viewing of 2D and 3D content and features FullHD 1080p resolution with a refresh rate of 240 Hrz. Sony Bravia implemented in the new system that promises to offer the same benefits as those of a panel with a refresh rate of 960 Herz. Beyond the numbers, this rate affects display moving images very quickly. Given that almost every manufacturer implements many different system to improve the refresh rate, we can not make comparisons, but we can say that the HX850 has no problem in displaying properly, without distortion or artifacts visual videos with very fast movements, whether it was sports or action movies.

Screen viewing angles were also very good; the image fits within the parameters correctly in all directions. 3D compatibility is via a pair of active 3D glasses and display quality was excellent, within existing technologies. Goggles longer term is still tedious, but is available and functional if you wish.

Display quality was excellent in all situations we tested, with good levels of contrast, color and good levels of dark tones. Strictly in terms of image quality, Sony HX850 television is excellent and can compete successfully with any other model on the market.

Now that we're done with the standard features of the new Bravia, which is paid successfully, let the elements that should differentiate it and give a higher value to users. Although not promoted as a Smart TV, HX850 includes a range of multimedia features, some functional, some not. TV can be used as a video recorder directly to a hard drive connected via USB, but also as media player via a port of the same type. Both functions have proven to be very well implemented and we can check the pluses.

TV supports playback of not only local but also various video streams over the Internet. Network connection is either through a cable or wireless via WiFi. This occurred first disappointment, which I mentioned above: the remote. The menu system is relatively easy to navigate, but the introduction of a strong password, which contained uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special characters proved to be a nightmare. Basically, text input method is exactly the same as a normal phone keypad: user must press a key repeatedly to get the desired character, and this becomes very frustrating very fast for a password of 14 characters, one of which was entered incorrectly. TV can be controlled via a phone or Android tablet, which certainly makes things easier, but that standard control system is so difficult maneuver, is unfortunate.

Once connected to WiFi, users have a browser, a streaming service from multiple sources available from Sony, plus a YouTube client and more useful widgets. Let's take them in turn: browser, a feature that should be one of the most important, not only worked extremely simple sites. 2gle could not be loaded beyond the main page, then the TV displays an error caused by lack of memory.

In Chapter streaming, the situation is significantly better: Sony offers a wide enough variety of sources, from the News channel exclusively to 3D content. Also, the YouTube app works flawlessly, whether or fidelity of HD video standard. List of preinstalled applications include an alarm clock, weather, Facebook, Twitter and Skype client (which I could not test it, without a compatible webcam). Users can add additional applications dedicated Opera TV store, but the selection is pretty limited.


Sony Bravia HX850 his promises in terms of image quality and is truly one of the best models on the market. Streaming functions and content-on-demand are also very good but weak browser and the control system is totally unsuited significant drawbacks. If you are looking for a good screen, but still classic Bravia HX850 is a good choice. If instead you want a Smart TV in the truest sense of the word, our recommendation is to wait, for Sony. And for other producers, most models on the market situation are similar. Complete specifications on the Sony website.
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