Sony Tap 20 a Desktop to Use Horizontal and Ultrabook-Tablet Hybrid

Sony announced a new hall desktop computer that can be used in a horizontal way. The model integrates a touch screen optimized for Windows 8 and presented with a new portable ultrabook-tablet hybrid called the Vaio Duo 11.

Tap 20, as it is called new all-in-one desktop, hope to solve ergonomic issues raised by computers with touch screens with the option of using the horizontal, in a way to eliminate hand fatigue. The computer is based on the latest generation of Intel Core platform and has a diagonal of 20 inches (50.8 cm) with a resolution of 1600 × 900 pixels. Integrated touchscreen can recognize ten points simultaneously and is compatible with all multi-touch gestures on the new operating system Microsoft Windows 8. Beyond the desktop use, tap 20 can be used as an over-sized tablet through an integrated battery, whose autonomy was not communicated.

The second release in the segment PC, laptop Vaio Duo 11, uses a sliding mechanism that allows it to transform from a tablet of 11.6 inches (29.4 cm) in an ultrabook with full keyboard. The new Vaio offers a Full HD touchscreen display with high pixel density and is 17.85mm thick, weighing 1.3 kg. The system is also based on Windows 8, but is compatible with a new Sony digital pressure sensitive pen that allows users to operate with a level of precision impossible with normal tactile use. Technical features include an Intel Core (i3, i5 or i7), an SSD up to 256GB, GPS sensors and two USB 3.0 ports.

Both computers have integrated NFC technology, which allows association with other compatible devices with a single touch. Both devices will be available after October 26, priced yet unknown. More details on Sony's official site.
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