Cadillac ATS - American competitor for the BMW Series 3

Cadillac presents the Detroit Motor Show its new mid-range saloon. ATS promises a complete package that includes powerful technology, a better image and lower weight class.

Cadillac decided to join the premium saloon segment where BMW has launched a new generation Series 3 and Audi and Mercedes-Benz recently restyled competing versions of A4 models, namely C-Class. The new ATS whose wheelbase reaches 2775 mm (2810 mm Series 3) displays an attractive design philosophy of the brand new Art & Science described as Cadillac’s. According to official communication, ATS is the most agile and easier Cadillac having one of the lowest weights in the segment - less than 1542 kg.

Just to get the drivability and the dynamics of German models that compete Cadillac mainly used for testing the famous Nurburgring circuit. The end result should provide a high level of performance that contribute to an impressive list of improvements such as equal distribution of loads on front and back, a complex suspension system, adjustable by the driver, Brembo brakes and optional all-wheel drive system .

The engine range includes two petrol 4-cylinder engines, including Cadillac promises to impress the world with a 270 hp 2.0-liter turbo. The American public would be given a 3.6 l V6, estimated at 320 horsepower.

ATS's equipment is an asset of the American model, is included standard 17-inch wheels (18 inch optional), LED headlights and taillights and an integrated multimedia User Experience Cadillac (Cadillac CUE), able to adapt as customers want a simplified interface and users eager complex functions.

CUE can communicate with up to 10 devices through Bluetooth; USD has slots for SD cards and MP3 players, while using an interface that includes only 4 buttons. Filling is done through the voice and display’s touch-screen LCD whose behavior over the properties of a smart-phone. The sound is provided by Bose. Cadillac ATS will be available for sale by mid-year.
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