Check if your Nokia Lumia 800 has battery problems

Nokia has provided new details about the battery problems registered in their new 'smartphone' Nokia Lumia 800. The company has confirmed that it is a software problem they will try to fix with an update in January and has provided a system for users to check if your devices are affected.

A few days after the release of Lumia Nokia 800 Several user forums, some officials of Nokia, users reported complaints about Battery the terminal. According to users, the Nokia 800 Lumia had duration much less than expected in a 'smartphone' of last generation and load times were prolonged more than usual.

Nokia and confirmed that the problem was occurring and attempted to correct part of the problem in the first update of the device, launched two weeks ago. The company has released a new statement Nokia Conversation which has once again confirmed that this is a software problem has promised an update users in January that will solve the issue.

"We can confirm that while the battery is good there's a software problem that limits the ability of the phone to access the full battery, "said Nokia, which has been used to confirm that the problem Nokia Lumia 800 only affects, Not the Lumia 710.

Checking the Battery

Users who are experiencing the problem may have noticed the impact of the short duration of the autonomy of the device, but Nokia has provided a formula to know with confidence whether the device is affected.

"Anyone who wants to know if your phone is affected can test the battery status with the diagnostic tool installed on the phone. We must dial # # 634 # to open the diagnostic tool. Then select 'battery status' in the list of options, "said Nokia. Once this procedure users can see roughly the capacity of your battery.

"If your total capacity appears below 1,000 mAh, then your phone is affected by this problem and you need to charge your phone more often than normal, "said the company. In the comments to the statement, several users have reported that their phones show levels of 900 mAh to enter this mode and actually the battery is lower than expected.

Those who register at their terminals the problem must wait for the January update to address the issue. "The good news is that this is a software problem can be easily resolved. The software update scheduled for early 2012Also include a solution that will allow phones to access affected total battery capacity, "said the company.

As was the case with his first statement, Nokia has given some advice to users to optimize battery life, so they can maximize their full capacity and alleviate the problems encountered. The company has advised users to ensure that they are using the charger that comes with Nokia Lumia 800 and an older one that may affect load times.

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